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Soni SM Diffuser
Soni SM Diffuser



Soni SM Diffuser

The Soni SM is a portable ultrasonic diffuser that lets you diffuse scents for hours. With its eye-catching design, customizable accessories (charging base and premium leather strap), and convenient portability, you are free to enjoy your favorite scents wherever you are.


Innovatively apply the cutting-edge dual-fluid technology to the field of aroma
diffusers. Aero SM nebulizing diffuser directly diffuses essential oils with no water and heat, making the fragrance stronger and maximizing the benefits of essential oils.

Silent+TM Ultra-Quiet Technology

With the unique Silent+TM ultra-quiet technology, you can even use it during sleep, allowing you to indulge in your exclusive aroma world.
XLRMTM Super Large Space Coverage Technology
XLRMTM super large space covering technology allows the fragrance to diffuse more quickly and effectively, and the fragrance can cover a space of over 1,200 square feet.

Long Working Hours

It can be used for 15 hours after being fully charged, leaving you completely care-free.